“Victory’s lyrics draw on a variety of topics, from Star Wars fandom to immigration, all brought together by the message of togetherness.”
– Mike Shanley, Pittsburgh City Paper

Liss Victory, “Quelque Chose” album release at Mr. Smalls, PGH, Pa.

“Her vocal style could be described as free-spirited and full of little acrobatic surprises.”
– Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



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Liss Victory releases new record Quelque Chose at Mr. Smalls Funhouse April 6

“It’s something, more than nothing, maybe interesting.”

By Mike Shanley, Pittsburgh City Paper: “When Liss Victory recorded her solo album, Quelque Chose, on the third floor of her Garfield house, she wound up using different recording techniques on all nine songs.” Read Full Article.


Liss Victory’s debut is ‘something’ unique

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “We can go ahead and put Liss Victory in that camp of artists who don’t sound much like their influences — at least the ones that come first to mind.

She names Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Korn as musical inspirations, while working in a solo acoustic mode more in line with early Ani DiFranco.” Read Full Article.


The Big List of Pittsburgh Podcasts worth listening to today

By Rossilynne Culgan, The Incline: “Victory starts every show with: ‘We’re talking about art and activism. That’s AAA for your soul, baby. Let’s change the world.'” Read Full Article.


Who’s Next: Music; 21 young leaders defining the new Pittsburgh sound

By Rossilynne Culgan, The Incline: “Not only does singer-songwriter Liss Victory make her own music, she also makes the music scene easier to navigate for aspiring musicians. A nominator called her the ‘keystone to the Pittsburgh independent music scene,’ who invests her time in helping new musicians grow.” Read Full Article.


Liss Victory uses her music as a force against the struggle. Playing a grungy guitar rhythm paired with thought-provoking lyrics, she writes “hurricane-voiced songs that can be dark, but not necessarily bleak” (Times-News, Erie, Pa.). A “political songstress” (Pittsburgh City Paper), her work reflects a Middle American background, living in the shadows of a withering industrial Pennsylvania during the longest war in United States history.

Victory’s songs sound reminiscent of Nirvana’s Unplugged music with the lilting vocals of Lana Del Rey paired with the enthusiastic roar of Pat Benetar. “Her vocal style could be described as free-spirited and full of little acrobatic surprises.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Her band, Victory At The Crossroads (#VXRoads), is a duo much like the White Stripes. Her once acoustic songs are amped up with electricity and the addition of Travis Crossroads’ percussive stylings on full drumkit. Or, sometimes, busking with maracas.

“Onstage, [the VXRoads] side-by-side set-up represents more than comfort. ‘As much as I love the frontman ethos and [like] to be the band leader, I also like to have a lot of equality in the people that I work with,’ Victory explains. She prefers ‘to be on equal ground with the drummer, instead of me in the front, drummer in the back. That feels weird. One of the messages we send out with our music is equality, a positive change.’”
– Except from Pittsburgh City Paper

Victory draws inspiration from her musical friends and loved-ones, with such influences as John Yochim of Pegasus Unicorn and Jargonauts; DJBJ Bob Jensen of Basement Transmissions; Matt Boland of Broke Boland; Chet Vincent of The Big Bend; and even her husband, standup comic, Krish Mohan.

Victory learned guitar as an adult from Yochim and began performing live shows after writing her first song in 2009, “Blue on Blue… ACTION!,” which still holds a place on the VXRoads setlist. Now, she survives as a touring musician, playing live, original music from coast-to-coast of the United States.

Victory currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pa., the Steel City. She can frequently be found at The Pittsburgh Art House, where she masterminded and hosts the “Haus Mic” open mic and “Haus Lab” artists’ workshop. She curates “The Girlie Show” at the Lawrenceville stalwart, Hambone’s Pub. She also hosts a weekly, interview podcast called, “That Broad Cast.”


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