Victory At The Crossroads

Victory At The Crossroads (VXRoads) emerged as an indie rock duo when Liss Victory combined her songwriting and electric guitar with Travis Crossroads’ full drum kit and driving beats. We play socially conscious Rustbelt Rock based in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pa. We aim to build community and engender change. It’s raw, it’s present, and it’s honest.
Currently available for booking in Pennsylvania, DC, the East Coast, and Mid-West! Just email Victory: lissvictory [at]

VXRoads released their debut EP, “chetirye,” on Oct. 1, 2016 at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls Theatre. The songs reflect life in Middle America, approaching topics from personal values, to domestic violence, to marijuana legalization.
Mike Shanley of Pittsburgh City Paper had this to say.

Podcast Interview: For the first time The Art Of The Covenant welcomes some non-comics into the studio. Pittsburgh based musical duo, Victory at the Crossroads, Liss Victory and Travis Crossroads, join Garrett Titlebaum for a great chat on the collaboration process for their band. We get into songwriting, planning shows and tours with comedians and the proper waltz structure.



Live VXRoads performance at The Pittsburgh Art House NYEEE Party
Photo by Erin McCandless Photography