Hambone’s Open Mic

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Hambone’s Open Mic
Liss Victory: songwriter, multimedia producer and host of Hambone’s Open Mic.
Twitter & IG: @lissvictory
Wes Mason: photographer, multimedia producer, and tech director of Hambone’s open mic.
IG: @wesmasonphotography

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Join us every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern USA Time. We are open to all performance types and talent levels from anywhere in the world! 🌏🌍🌎

Zoom ID:  831 6064 8516

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Hbonz Host Hall O’ Fame:

John Cihon
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter and comic artist. (he/him)
Twitter & IG: @johncihon

Nalini was born in The Hague and raised in Southern California, coming of age as the Beatles landed in America and graduating from Hollywood High School during the Laurel Canyon heyday of singer-songwriter/soft rock and the anti-war movement.

In her original songs, Nalini’s message, melodies and harmonic arrangements embody a retro vibe but she is equally passionate about the social, political and spiritual needs of the current times.
Twitter: @NaliniMusic
IG: @JNJBand

Arnav Rao
Bengaluru, India based lawyer turned stand-up comedian. (he/him)
Twitter & IG: @arnavrao

Connor Griffin
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter writing on the emotional level. (they/them)

Hambones open mic is a living memorial to our friend, Jeff Holt. Hambones was a local venue and pub located in the kitschy neighborhood of Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Holt owned, managed, tended bar, and booked entertainment at Hambones. He made his venue a home to all sorts of folx, including some of us who run this open mic.

You are forever loved, Jeff.
More about Jeff Holt and Hambones.