Hambone’s Open Mic

Hambone’s Open Mic
Liss Victory: songwriter, multimedia producer and host of Hambone’s Open Mic.
Twitter & IG: @lissvictory
Wes Mason: photographer, multimedia producer, and tech director of Hambone’s open mic.
IG: @wesmasonphotography

A Virtual Open Mic on Zoom.

Join us every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern USA Time. We are open to all performance types and talent levels from anywhere in the world! 🌏🌍🌎

Zoom ID:  831 6064 8516

☞ SIGN UPS: 7 p.m. ET
☞ SHOWTIME: 8 p.m. ET

Watch Live! on YouTube.

Original art.

Professional sound engineers.

International talent.

Digital Green Room.

Hbonz Host Hall O’ Fame:

Indie folk solo – sad songs on banjo, uke, guitar, harmonica. (he/they)
Twitter: @Orange_Geee

Will Sims
Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist creates themes focused on romantic and social relationships.
Twitter & IG: @whoiswillsims

Chet Vincent
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter with rock and country roots.
Twitter & IG: @chet_vincent

Cherylann Hawk
West Virginia mountain mama writing songs of love and introspection.
IG: @cherylann_hawk

Jeremy Caywood
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter and deeply soulful acoustic artist.
IG: @caywoodjeremy

Terry Crebel
Erie, Pa. based frontman extraordinaire, songwriter, and visual artist.
Twitter & IG: @killyomfnself

John Cihon
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter and comic artist.
Twitter & IG: @johncihon

Arnav Rao
Bengaluru, India based lawyer turned stand-up comedian.
Twitter & IG: @arnavrao

Connor Griffin
Pittsburgh, Pa. based singer-songwriter writing on the emotional level.

Hambones open mic is a living memorial to our friend, Jeff Holt. Hambones was a local venue and pub located in the kitschy neighborhood of Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Holt owned, managed, tended bar, and booked entertainment at Hambones. He made his venue a home to all sorts of folx, including some of us who run this open mic.

You are forever loved, Jeff.
More about Jeff Holt and Hambones.