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Every Thursday at 1pm Eastern US Time. Join Liss Victory to chat live about “The New Normal: Living in the age of COVID19.” Victory reports live, on the ground, in Brooklyn, NYC.

That BROAD Cast also aggregates reports from Correspondents all over the world, talking about their locality.

We are independent media. We report in good faith. We have your back.

Liss Victory, anchor and producer, has a degree in Journalism from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Her experience extends over a decade of multimedia production from breaking news, to scholarly articles, to pop culture reviews.

As a songwriter, Victory has toured across the United States, as well as Canada and India, and she released three independent albums of original music.

Remember: Choose Bravery. Choose Love. Choose Peace.

We are always accepting new Correspondents.
Email us at thatbroadcast [at] gmail [dot] com and send us your pitch! We look for 2-10 minute videos about what’s happening in your community/locality/city/state/country. 

That BROAD Cast News Anchor, Liss Victory


BROAD Casting the premiere episode at 99 Perspectives Studio in Chicago, IL

Some comments about That BROAD Cast News:

We’re a cornucopia of individuals experiencing a cornucopia of subjective realities in a radically interconnected world.”
~ Judah Sledgehammer: BROAD Cast sound & tech engineer

There is enough shit on social media as is these days without needing to confuse things more.”
~ Larry Mendoza: Richmond, Virginia Correspondent