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“TransContinental Variety Show: utilizing performance as a vehicle for positive change.”
~ Emma Jarman, Dayton City Paper

Krish Mohan & Liss Victory

“The underlying theme of interdependence, regardless of political leaning or fundamental belief systems, runs strong in their carefully curated content. If you’re looking to understand how, despite our differences, disagreements and even disdain for one another for whatever reason, we really all do need each other, check out #TransConTour.”
~ Emma Jarman, Dayton City Paper


Liss Victory live performance of “We, The Heathens”

Krish Mohan live stand up comedy.

Sometimes, Liss Victory and Krish Mohan do a song together.




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Pushing Buttons

Dayton City Paper (Dayton, OH) by Emma Jarman:When songwriter Liss Victory was 17 years old, she became poor. Not just the kind of poor that can’t buy the newest iPhone, even on a payment plan, but the kind of bloody, abusive poor of hunger, fear, and prioritizing scraping up rent over personal worth and safety. […]
When Krish Mohan was 13 years old, his immigrant family faced deportation when his dad lost his job and green card sponsorship, only five years after arriving from India.”

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Q&A with songwriter Liss Victory and comedian Krish Mohan

Daily Tarheel (Chapel Hill, NC) by Issac Rosso Klakovich: Songwriter Liss Victory and comedian Krish Mohan have toured the country, but their latest tour comes in the wake of their engagement. Despite their different backgrounds and talents, they have learned how to successfully perform together and delight audiences across the country.

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Couple hope variety tour starts conversations

Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, IN) by Keiara Carr: “Comedian Krish Mohan and musician Liss Victory don’t argue like regular couples. ‘We’re not arguing over who left the toilet seat up. It’s more like philosophical debates,’ Mohan says.”

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Songwriter Liss Victory and comedian Krish Mohan are an interracial, cross-genre, mixed media couple. They construct “Transcontinental Variety Shows” from coast-to-coast of the United States.

Krish Mohan, Comedian & Social Vigilante adds his distinct comedic flair to hot-button topics like race, religion, and his personal place in the world as an immigrant from India.

Liss Victory writes protest songs reflective of her white, middle-class upbringing: surrounded by a failing manufacturing industry set against a backdrop of the longest war in United States history.

Krish & Victory differ in race, ethnicity, religion, and even citizenship. Yet, they’re still very much in love. And they share the same goal: Change The World.


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