The TransContinental Tour

Musician Liss Victory and Krish Mohan, Comedian & Social Vigilante: An interracial, cross-genre, mixed media couple. Krish and Victory have constructed “Transcontinental Variety Shows” from coast-to-coast of the United States. They both utilize performance as a vehicle for positive change. Mohan’s standup adds his distinct comedic flair to hot-button topics like race, religion, and his … Continue reading The TransContinental Tour

Victory At The Crossroads

Victory At The Crossroads (VXRoads) emerged as an indie rock duo when Liss Victory combined her songwriting and electric guitar with Travis Crossroads’ full drum kit and driving beats. We play socially conscious Rustbelt Rock based in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pa. We aim to build community and engender change. It’s raw, it’s present, … Continue reading Victory At The Crossroads